Variance Festival, September 2017, NYC


Photography by Kate Stein

Shot on a sunny Saturday in Bushwick on real life babes.

Rocket Dog Holiday 2017 Shoot, NYC


Photography by Leslie Kirchhoff

Set Design by Kate Stein

We made some custom Fruity Hoops for the latest Rocket Dog Holiday shoot.


Shelf Rave @ Tilt, November 2017, NYC


Photography by Kate Stein

A capsule of 90's Rave themed Fruity Hoops for some 24hr party people.


Ladies Of The Thar Desert, Jaisamer INDIA, Feb 2018


Photography by Hayley Daniel

On a backpacking trip through India, I spent the night in the Thar Desert gazing at stars and getting to know 7 enchanting women from all over the world.

This photoshoot was done the following morning just after sunrise.

Organic / Non-GMO / Locally made earrings.

For the health conscious and good humored.

All products handmade in Brooklyn, NYC - share house to table.

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